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That must be an oldish picture, my hair is much more grey now, but I’m leaving it because I like it and it’s a rare event indeed for me to find a photo of myself that I like. 

Anyway.  Here we go. 


Here’s a bit about me: I am a Geordie lass, of humble origins, of which I am proud. Proud, too, that I have managed to forge the path that I have – now a lapsed litigation lawyer, psychology lecturer and research professor; always a free spirit. I am officially ‘retired,’  I mainly write fiction which makes no money so I live on a pension. My feet are perennially itchy, they carry a nomadic soul who likes to go where the mood takes me. Currently I am Brexiled in France for the duration. I was dreading Brexit and hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen, but it did, so I made my own exit to a saner place from which vantage point England looks increasingly Little. I maintain my allegiance to Scotland, I’m keeping my studio in Edinburgh and counting on Scotland going Indie. Brexit as far as I can see is doing nothing but damage in so many ways. Summers I spend off grid in a cabin in Norway.

That’s me and OH surveying the lie of the land in Norway. We always look a bit wooden in photographs.



I studied Creative Writing at the NCLA in Newcastle, and at Edinburgh University and was but not any longer the fiction judge for the Young Writers’ Awards at the Lit&Phil in Newcastle.


My debut novel The Confession of Stella Moon was published in 2016 by Saraband. The novel won the Andrea Badenoch Award, was long-listed for the Bath Novel Award and the Guardian’s #NotTheBooker prize, and shortlisted for the Charles Pick Fellowship and the Dundee International Book Prize. It was picked as one of the READ REGIONAL titles for 2017 by NewWritingNorth

My short stories have appeared in magazines, newspapers, anthologies and online. I have read at numerous book festival including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and on the Edinburgh Fringe (for charity). I run workshops and do readings to raise money for charities including RNLI, Rape CrisisWomen’s Aid and Crisis.

In 2013 I was named as one of Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature‘s emerging writers.

In 2015 I won a Northern Writers’ Award for my short stories soon to be published by Red Squirrel Press. I’ve been mentored for my stories by the awesome and amazing Carys Davies

My MOTTO: I’ve had this card since about 1979 …


My son, graphic artist Nico Sclater made this teeshirt for Stella (he also did the art work for the cover  of -what are you like- ) 


This is my Author Page on Facebook

BOOK GROUPS might want to use this Reading Guide to The Confession of Stella Moon

You can see all my books, including the academic ones, on my Amazon page

You can see the reviews I’ve done on Amazon for other people’s books here

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My granddaughter Maddy and I make little illustrated booklets for people. We do the artwork ourselves. Here are some of our covers. 

I do most of my writing by hand into notebooks, often on-the-hoof, and then i type it up on my laptop which would be the first edit of the work and there will be several more – sometimes many more – after.

I used to be the fiction judge for the Young Writers’ Awards at the Lit&Phil in Newcastle, England, and I made these notes for the students and their teachers, being Hot Tips for story-writing. Anyone can share them if they are of any use. The main tip I gave them tho was to READ READ READ READ