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The *best* news I have had to share for a long while is that my short story collection — my DEBUT short story collection – what are you like- is now out with RedSquirrel Press!

CLICK here to go to the publisher’s website where you can buy the book, P&P free

I’m *particularly thrilled* about this book because these stories are more me than anything else I’ve done, and because the book itself is such a beautiful object. It’s extra special that my son Nicolai Sclater  (@OrnamentalConifer) did the artwork for the cover, and that the book design was done by my friend Gerry Cambridge

Shelley Day’s stories explore what we can’t quite grasp. They celebrate the uncertainties of language. The settings here are exquisitely imagined no-man’s-lands- at once strange yet oddly familiar. Here are worlds where the improbable becomes possible: a mother finds herself living on a library shelf, a diner finds words sliding from his menu into nothingness, a psychiatrist cracks up in front of his patient, and there’s a stain on the wall that won’t stop spreading.

These extraordinary stories take us to the psychological hinterlands that make us who we are.

What are you like? Do you know the answer?

‘These are real short stories from a real writer: full of the telling detail, the betraying detail, the immaculately-rendered thought… The title work alone is a visceral, unforgettable, punch-drunk joy. Read this book.’

A L Kennedy, award-winning novelist and short story writer.

‘Lucid, vivid, quirky, these interlinking stories teem with the stuff of life – always making the reader ask questions about family, loss, love – what is said, and what is not. The voices in this tender collection come bristling to life, fizzing and full. Fabulous.’

Jackie Kay, poet, novelist, short story writer, and Scotland’s Makar

 ‘This coruscating collection beautifully showcases Shelley Day’s twisting and turning talent. In one volume, we are immersed repeatedly into her magical worlds, emerging reeling yet ready for the next dip.’

Angela Jackson, award-winning novelist and script writer.

 I’ll be posting updates about -what are you like- as they happen on the links on the main menu. But meanwhile dates for your diary already confirmed are:

19 November COVER REVEAL by the lovely LoveBooksGroup! LoveBooksGroup

20 November Launch at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow

30 November Launch at the Books-on-Tyne Festival, Newcastle: 6.30 pm at the Lit&Phil

15 December Launch at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, 1pm





PRAISE FOR The Confession of Stella Moon

“Once in a while an author comes along that refreshes the genre, to my mind Shelley Day has done just that”   Jacky Collins, Newcastle Noir

“Pulls you in from the first page and doesn’t let you go, even after the final page has been turned”   Victoria Watson, Elementary Watson

“The book is smart. The writer is smart. The central character is smart and sassy. Just what we need in this day and age. A shero we can believe in. Don’t miss this”   Tina Gharavi, filmmaker, I am Nasrine

“This is an assured and stylish debut novel … Stella is flawed and confused and wonderfully real, a welcome tonic to the passive “girls” that populate so many modern thrillers. Shelley Day is an excellent world builder”   Stacy Alesi (‘Bookbitch’)
“It’s a long time since a novel sank its fangs into my brain in such a spectacular way. Multi-layered, dark, delicious prose. I devoured it in one sitting and can’t wait to see what this wonderful author delivers next”   Allison Davies, writer