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The *best* news I have had to share for a long while is that my short story collection — my DEBUT short story collection – what are you like- is now out with RedSquirrel Press!

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I’m *particularly thrilled* about this book because these stories are more me than anything else I’ve done, and because the book itself is such a beautiful object. It’s extra special that my son Nicolai Sclater  (@OrnamentalConifer) did the artwork for the cover, and that the book design was done by my friend Gerry Cambridge

Shelley Day’s stories explore what we can’t quite grasp. They celebrate the uncertainties of language. The settings here are exquisitely imagined no-man’s-lands- at once strange yet oddly familiar. Here are worlds where the improbable becomes possible: a mother finds herself living on a library shelf, a diner finds words sliding from his menu into nothingness, a psychiatrist cracks up in front of his patient, and there’s a stain on the wall that won’t stop spreading.

These extraordinary stories take us to the psychological hinterlands that make us who we are.

What are you like? Do you know the answer?

‘These are real short stories from a real writer: full of the telling detail, the betraying detail, the immaculately-rendered thought… The title work alone is a visceral, unforgettable, punch-drunk joy. Read this book.’

A L Kennedy, award-winning novelist and short story writer.

‘Lucid, vivid, quirky, these interlinking stories teem with the stuff of life – always making the reader ask questions about family, loss, love – what is said, and what is not. The voices in this tender collection come bristling to life, fizzing and full. Fabulous.’

Jackie Kay, poet, novelist, short story writer, and Scotland’s Makar

 ‘This coruscating collection beautifully showcases Shelley Day’s twisting and turning talent. In one volume, we are immersed repeatedly into her magical worlds, emerging reeling yet ready for the next dip.’

Angela Jackson, award-winning novelist and script writer.


Me, reading at the Edinburgh launch in December 2018



You know how, at the end of a year, Facebook does a video-thing that brings various bits of your life together onto the screen? Well, I never usually pay any attention to those cos, let’s face it, we don’t always post on FB about the most meaningful things that have happened to us – esp. if they’re painful experiences, they tend to stay very hidden and at most only hinted at. FB tends instead to be a space where we manufacture the images and stories about ourselves and our lives that we want to project onto the world. Anyhow. You know all that. But this year, FB put me together a 2018 thing and it included an image of a massive great big wall painted with the cover image from my new book. I had to take a screen shot of that, and it’s copied and pasted below! I don’t know if it’s a calculated thing on the part of FB – could be, given what we now know about the sophistications of their probings and sharings – but that cover was designed by my son Nico (@OrnamentalConifer) who’s a graphic artist in California, and he regularly paints walls as part of his job … Anyway, I did make me wonder …



REVIEWS for – what are you like – are starting to come in! 

If you, the reader, want to help a book or an author along their way, please think about posting a quick review somewhere, anywhere! Spread the word! 

On 1st January 2019, my day was made when Annie Doyle totally got what I was trying to do with my book! I’m so grateful when readers like my work, and even more so when they share their thoughts with others. It’s often said – and I think it’s true – that what really makes a book is when individual readers read it and like it and tell their mates and that’s the best way, the very best way, for word to get around. So thank you Annie! And all good things to you for 2019!




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